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Why We Should All Fear Facebook’s Oversight Board

A dark new world of private government is upon us.

Can the Suburbs Be Saved?

Or: what would it mean if the answer was “no”?

Humanity Does Not Need Bill Gates

On everything from climate change to global health, the billionaire tycoon is a study in shamelessness.

The Royal Dystopia of Poundbury

A town with no people is not a town, but a deathly museum.

Something’s Cooking Down in Alabama

There’s a stew of social change starting to bubble, and things are about to get interesting.

Israel Is Weaponizing Time Against Palestinians

This kind of neglect is anything but benign.

Why the Panic Over Trans Kids?

A recent wave of pseudoscholarship and pseudojournalism has encouraged people to fret about a Trans Trend that is supposedly luring vulnerable cisgender children into risky medical procedures.

Lessons From the Disaster of Zoom Teaching

The last year has exposed the limitations of teaching with tech.

‘Deaths of Despair’ and the Failure of Capitalism

When McKinsey praises your book, it’s a sign—and not a particularly good one.

How the Media Helped Democrats Spin the Pandemic

The nation’s most trusted mainstream news outlets have proven unworthy of anyone’s trust.

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