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That’s It, I’m Out

The internal ideological climate of Current Affairs has become intolerable. I can bear it no longer.

Our ‘Normal’ Responses to Mental Health Crises Are Not Working

People in pain need care and support, not state-sanctioned violence.

The True Story of the Rwandan Genocide

In her new book “Do Not Disturb,” Michela Wrong explores why the west was so eager to believe lies about the Rwandan genocide.

Amazon Is Caught In a Brazen Lie About Its Exploitative Practices

Bezos may be out as CEO, but the bullshit continues to flow.

The U.S. Has a Moral Obligation to Forgive the World’s Debts

It’s time for the banks to be the ones tightening their belts for once.

Why Free Speech On Israel-Palestine Matters So Much

We need to be able to tell the truth about the ongoing crime against Palestinian rights. The enforcement of silence by major newspapers enables atrocities.

Triggering the Right: The Role of Language in the Culture Wars

Often words can obscure as much as they reveal. That’s just how the right likes it.

Universities Are Still Gambling With Students’ Lives

Across the country, institutions have made it clear they value tuition dollars over public safety.

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