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Barack Obama: International Problem Solver

There’s only one ex-president with the courage, hope, and vision to raise awareness about the issues!

Nationalize the Movies

The simplest and most effective way to save cinema is through government subsidies to small, independent filmmakers.

Satanic Panics and the Death of Mythos

Being alive has perhaps never been more confusing, especially because we have lost the tool that might help us make sense of it all.

Who Is Nature For?

Efforts to “preserve wild spaces” and “protect biodiversity” often show a curious lack of interest in the actual lives of animals.

Why We Built the Simulation

How what began as a classroom history software turned into something much more grand—and terrifying.

The Problem With Influencers

They’re not just manipulating your emotions—they’re changing how you experience the world.

The Urge to Dominate

Destroying each other is both satisfying and futile.

Take the Quiz: Which Shape Are You?

Might you be a glorious blorp, or a monstrous scutoid? There’s only one way to be sure!

How Centrism Loses, Even When It Wins: A Mathematical Model

Relentlessly chasing the elusive political center isn’t just shortsighted—it’s downright disastrous.

Thomas Frank on Populism, Cool Brands, and the Problem With the Democratic Party

The author of “Listen, Liberal” and “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” shares his thoughts on the slow, ugly decline of the American empire.

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