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The Vapid Deceit of Joe Scarborough’s Book About Truman

The ex-GOP goon’s tedious hagiography of the only man to drop atomic bombs on helpless civilians relies is full of omissions and euphemisms, and devoid of any conscience.

How Art Connects Prisons and Museums

Most people don’t see the link. Advocates—and incarcerated artists themselves—are fighting to change that.

Corporate ‘Mindfulness’ Programs Are an Abomination

Instead of providing employees with decent working conditions or benefits, U.S. companies suggest they meditate instead.

Inside the Incel

A new documentary shows why the controversial internet subculture is such a tough topic to cover.

Boycotting Animal Products as a Collective Act of Protest

Refusing to participate in the exploitation of animals is more than just a personal lifestyle choice.

Nonprofit Workers, Unionize!

Until you can pay your rent with good intentions, you need the protection of a union contract.

Laws Apparently Just Don’t Apply to Presidents

Now that Biden has bombed Syria in direct violation of international and domestic law, it’s hard to believe Democrats who talk about the importance of rules.

How NGOs Abandoned the Middle East’s Radicals

The smiley photo-ops and peppy press releases of NGOs in the Middle East obscure the fact that these organizations are often an obstacle to real freedom.

Texas Republicans Discover the True Meaning of Free Markets

With customers facing shockingly high power bills, Ted Cruz has a revelation that what is good for corporations is not, in fact, good for everyone.

Mike Duncan on History, Revolutions, and the Future

The past was a lot messier than we tend to imagine, and the future does not look promising.

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