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Congressional Candidate Jamaal Bowman on Education, Socialism, Poverty, and Peace

The candidate for New York’s 16th district discusses his approach to education, poverty, peace, and more…

New York Needs Samelys López

In a crowded field, Samelys López stands out as the true progressive in the race for New York’s 15th congressional district.

The Current Affairs Guide To Left Candidates 2020

An incomplete list of races to watch and people to consider supporting.

More Leftists Should Run For Local Office Rather Than Congress

We need to build our bench. It’s much easier to get into federal office once you’ve built power at the local and state level.

Charles Booker Must Defeat Mitch McConnell

If Booker wins the Kentucky Democratic primary, he has the potential to change things in Congress tremendously…

Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” Comment Is Symptomatic of Democrats’ Deeper Race Problem

The Democratic Party has long taken Black voters for granted and accepted essentialist thinking that reduces voters of color solely to their racial identity.

The Most Important Election of 2020

Mckayla Wilkes has a chance to unseat longtime Democratic centrist Steny Hoyer. Her victory would be a game-changer for the left.

Meet Organizer Rick Krajewski, Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 188th

Progressive candidate Rick Krajewski is going up against a 35 year incumbent during the COVID-19 crisis. Can he pull it off?

The Attacks on Tara Reade are Unbelievable Bullshit

No, you’re not “asking questions,” you’re using rape apologist arguments.

Reflections on the Bernie Campaign

What it meant, why it inspired us, why we lost, and where we go now.

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