The Excuses of Larry Krasner

We can’t blindly trust people in power when they refuse to explain themselves…

The Fate of Gaza

An interview with Norman Finkelstein…

Defining Violence

The counterproductive consequences of calling every bad thing “violence”…

Fines and Fees Are Inherently Unjust

Fining people equally hurts some people far more than others, undermining the justifications of punishment…

Banning Smoking in Public Housing is Just Another Experiment on the Poor

A seemingly unobjectionable public health measure increases surveillance and criminalization…

We Love Our Prizewinning Immigrants

America already loves certain kinds of immigrants. But the immigration debate isn’t about Nobel laureates.

America’s All-Purpose Rent-A-Cop

Outgoing NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has made policing into a very lucrative enterprise…

The Miseries of Eviction: An Interview With Matthew Desmond

Current Affairs speaks to the Harvard sociologist about his book “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City.”

Melania’s Plagiarism Actually Just Shows How Vapid Political Speeches Are

Democrats should be troubled at how easily their rhetoric can be reused at the RNC…

There’s Nothing Wrong With Feeling Entitled To Your Education

Loathsome as she may be, Abigail Fisher deserved to go to the University of Texas.

The Return of Shark Tank Capitalism

Shark Tank would like to think it’s vicious. It’s nothing of the kind.

TV’s Only Accurate Law Show

From getting stiffed on the public defender fee to negotiating with the D.A. in the bathroom to wading through mountains of discovery, Better Call Saul is the only law show that tells it like it is.